We recently lost our "little buddy" ArchimediMouse, so it really brought home the need for an expression of how we felt for our beloved dog. I know many people feel the same way we do about our pets, so this is our attempt at a tribute to angels that will be forever in our hearts. Just send a digital picture of your Pet along with a memorial note to rottmom@doggonediva.com and we'll add it to our site. This site is open to all pets, not just dogs. There is no charge involved.

Memories of our Lost Loved Ones






Click on some of above pictures to see larger photo and memorial





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Copper was the most loveable and ornery little baby I've ever been around.  She inspired this site as Diva, and was she ever! She did and always will have my heart. She was my constant companion, and there was not a day that went by without her challenging my role as pack leader.                 






  She was a tough little girl, but she became ill with Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia. After six months of battling this disease 24 hours a day, she lost her fight. It's been more than a year and a half, and I can only write about it now. I was privileged to have her as my 'baby-girl'  I'm still crying as I write and  I pray the Rainbow Bridge will connect us again some day.













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